“The lovers, adding to the formulaic excellence of a Shakespearean comedy, being Ferdinand (Alexander Korman) and Miranda (Leah Filley) are quite genuine with one another. The wood-baring scene (which is done cleverly with umbrellas rather than log piles) becomes a heartwarming shared moment between Korman and Filley; the instantaneous chemistry that sprouts between them an homage to the absurd ‘love at first sight’ notions so often found in the Bard’s work. Filley overcomes her actual age to make Miranda young at heart with the simpering voice she adapts and her lighthearted steps and overall physical approach to the character.”

- Amanda Gunther, DC Metro


“Leah Filley, who plays Miranda, does a great job poking fun at Miranda’s naiveity”

- Sarah Guan, Brightest Young Things


“Leah Filley is a girlish and innocent Miranda”

- Beth Meyer, Our Kids

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